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Robust Reference Algorithms for form metrology: Application to aspherical and freeform optics

Nabil Anwer, directeur de thèse -Charyar Mehdi-Souzani - Hichem Nouira (LNE)

Contacts :
  • NAbil ANWER

This PhD is part of the European Project FreeFORM (Reference algorithms and metrology on aspherical and freeform optical lenses) of the European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research European (EMPIR) within the scope SI broader. This project is coordinated by the French National Metrology Institute (LNE) and involves 19 worldwide partners around three major subjects:

  • Robust reference algorithms for the evaluation of aspherical and freeform surface data
  • Innovative reference thermo-invariant standards for aspheres and freeforms
  • Improved metrological capabilities of the highest accuracy systems (measurement uncertainty less than 30 nm)

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