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Teloco Software

An academic tool for conformance test of logical controllers

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Teloco software is an academic tool developped to obtain an exhaustive test sequence of a GRAFCET model. The current version is an executable for Windows.

Teloco Actvities

A Case study made with Teloco is composed of 4 steps:

  • Reading of the textual description of the GRAFCET Specification.
  • Construction of the automaton, termed stable location automaton (SLA). This automaton represents formally all the stable states of the logic system described by the grafcet as well as all the evolutions between these states.
  • Translation of this automaton into an equivalent Mealy machine
  • Generation of the exhaustive Test sequence of this Mealy machine according the transition tour method.

Complementary information can be obtained here.

Teloco Installation

This Zip archive is composed of two directories:

  • Directory TelocoTool: this directory can be installed as you want (C:Program FilesTeloco for example)
  • Directory TelocoExamples: this directory contains different examples of GRAFCET description. This directory can be installed as you want.

In order to use Teloco from your directory TelocoExamples, it is necessary to add a shorcut of YourPathTelocoToolTeloco.exe in this directory.

To use teloco for studying the GRAFCET Specification given in file aSimpleGrafcet.txt:

Click on teloco shortcut and reply aSimpleGrafcet to the question.Tape teloco aSimpleGrafcet.txt in a DOS shell.

Associated laboratory

Complementary information

Teloco is developped in Python
Logo Python

Modules used

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