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TELOCO : Conformance Test of Logic Controllers

Logic controllers are increasingly used in critical systems, like power production and distribution systems or transport systems, even for safety-related functions. To ensure dependability of these systems, it really matters to check, before operation, whether each controller behaves correctly with respect to its specification. This is the aim of conformance test.

Conformance test is a black-box test and is experimentally performed by sending to the controller an input sequence and comparing the observed output sequence, controller's response to the input sequence, to the expected output sequence so as to build a test verdict (the implemented controller is conform or not).

TELOCO: TEst of LOgical COntrollers

The objective of the Teloco project is to be able to generate automatically the set of the input sequence and expected output sequence from Specification model used in Industry. Our first results concern the specification model: GRAFCET.

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