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Robotics for measurement

Use of a serial robot's capabilities for part scanning

Serial robots are widely used in the industry to perform repetitive tasks that don't need high pose accuracy.

 Robot sériel pour la mesure
The lack of pose accuracy limits their use for tasks that require a higher precision, especially for measurement operations with tactile probing or laser scanning.

However, these robots allow great flexibility, good reorientation with 6 degrees of freedom, better accessibility than MMT measurement machines and they perform at high speed.

The following video shows how to use the serial robots' features for the scanning of cumbersome or complex parts.

A serial robot's defects brought to light on a writing test

In the context of the creation of a laboratory measurement facility based on robotics, the positioning and path monitoring capabilities of the robot are evaluated.  The robot's end-effector is watched with a stereo vision system in order to bring the light on the defects that need correction.
See it in the video below: