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The research projects of Geo3d team

Paris-Saclay additive manufacturing (FAPS)


The FAPS strategic research initiative is co-funded by University Paris-Saclay. Its goal is the creation of a facility composed of an SLM (Selective Laser Melting) machine as well as a robot cell for additive and substractive manufacturing based on the method of laser filament deposition.

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Robotics for measurement

Our goal is to evaluate the adaptation of a serial robot for measurement with tactile probing or laser scanning. Robot  sériel pour la mesure

These robots allow great motion flexibility, good reorientation with 6 degrees of freedom, better accessibility than MMT measurement machines but we have to devise a method to compendate for their lack of positioning accuracy.

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SIMSURF: Towards a realistic simulation of surface finish

Simulation with ray tracingThe manufacturing of high-added-value products in multi-axis machining requires some means of advanced simulation in order to validate the manufacturing process.
In this context, using the high capabilities offered by graphics processing units for parallel calculations makes it possible to develop a robust simulation application. At LURPA, we started experiencing the direct use of NVIDIA CUDA technology.

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VPOP: Velocity Profile Optimization software

VPOP softwareResearch work in high speed machining is limited by the closed industrial CNCs. An Open CNC would make further optimization of the machining process possible by controlling accurately the commands sent to the machine tool drives. A key role of the CNC is to perform the feedrate interpolation which consists in generating the setpoints sent to each axis of a machine tool based on a NC program.

The VPOp (Velocity Profile Optimization) algorithm aims at finding an optimized feedrate profile which makes best use of the kinematical characteristics of the machine.

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